Machined Reducers – Origin of Melt Specific

 A European partner contacted us for BPE machined reducers (DT-4-1.3-1) which required material to be sourced including full traceability with either a North American or European original melt. As per BPE standards it was prerequisite that the material had controlled sulfur content within the 0.005%-0.017% range. Controlled sulfur content within this range is of particular importance with regard to weldability when joining two materials.

In addition to machined reducers, the entire order was comprised of a wide range of T316L BPE tube fittings with mechanically polished surfaces SF1 Ra. ≤20 μ-in (0.5μm) in accordance with BPE standards. All components were provided with surface finish reports, as well as material test reports for complete traceability. The final result was a very satisfied customer who was able to meet a short deadline with particular conditions that were specified in the construction of process piping.

If you require a BPE component with controlled sulfur content from a North American or European mill, please reach out to us!

Machined Reducers   Machined Reducers   Machined Reducers   Machined Reducers

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