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Kieselmann Pigging System
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Kieselmann Pigging System

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Save time and money rapidly and verifiably, by integrating the Kieselmann pigging technology in your production. This technology guarantees an almost loss-free emptying of the pipelines. You will reduce the costs in the fields of cleaning, wastewater and energy resulting in a more efficient use of the raw materials.


  • Easy integration into existing process plants
  • Damping systems for gentle running of the pig into the stations
  • Flow control with optimized cleaning in the stations
  • Easy detection in the product pipe by means of integrated solenoids in the pigs
  • Pig can be led back by product, water or air
  • Available in hygienic and aseptic designs
  • Environmentally friendly and resource saving
  • Can be upgraded at any time by using Kieselmann automation components
  • Closed launching and receiving station for integration in the cleaning cycles including steam sterilization

Duplex Pig

The patented Kieselmann Duplex pig offers maximum efficiency when draining and cleaning piping systems. Designed two-faced, it can drive the pipeline both forwards and backwards. By adjusting the preload, it can be configured exactly to the medium to be moved: For hygienic cleaning of piping systems. With a savings potential of up to 80% of conventional water consumption!

The pigs can be easily moved by standard elbows, tees and ball valves, mix-proof double seat valves and double-tube heat exchangers. The position of the pig can be recognized at any time in all parts of the system. This is ensured by a special magnet integrated into the pig.

  • Seamlessly molded from elastomers as full bodies in solid design
  • Magnets, encapsulated in stainless steel, for detection from outside, by means of magnetic inductive sensors, are integrated in each pig
  • All types and materials are delivered with FDA conformity
  • Further types and materials are available for almost every application in the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors


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