Save Time, Water, Energy and Chemicals with AquaDuna

Introducing AquaDuna Spray Balls and Advanced Tank Cleaning System range to our product lineup. AquaDuna’s product range contains many options for your tank cleaning needs. 

Notably, we would like to draw your attention to the DUNOS-O  target jet cleaner models DUNOS-O50 and DUNOS-O90 for both an economically and ecologically friendly cleaning device.

DUNOS-O target jet cleaner’s unique design saves you time, energy, water and chemicals! On average with one clean you could save more than 65% of total material expenses when compared to static spray balls. DUNOS-O high quality material allows it to have a long-life span with extremely low maintenance. In addition DUNOS-O drains completely after the clean-in-place (CIP) process.

The DUNOS-O50 is suitable for an installation opening of 70mm and a connection with a G ¾ internal thread. The DUNOS-O90 is designed for an installation opening of at least 130mm and a connection with a G ½ internal thread.

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In addition to the DUNOS-O target jet cleaner, AquaDuna produces an extensive range of cleaning technology, from Static spray balls to advanced cleaning systems. Each system is characterized by a small number of components and a design to minimize cleaning fluids and water used during tank cleaning. The performance of a cleaners is optimally adapted to the requirements by means of customize jet geometries, number of nozzles and/or rotational speeds specifically adjusted to the process.

Aqua Duna Cleaning Systems give no chance to contaminations. Adapted to the different conditions and requirements of the production residues to be removed, the product series rises to demanding challenges in the most efficient way. Even very tenacious biofilms can be removed with AquaDuna Cleaning Systems.

AquaDuna Cleaning Systems are FDA, GMP and EHEDG compliant.


About AquaDuna 

AquaDuna Spray Balls and Advanced Tank cleaners are members of Kieselmann Fluid Process Group from Knittlingen, Germany, which is distributed in Canada by Rodger Industries. Kieselmann produces a wide range of process components for hygienic processing industries such as butterfly valves, double seat valves, safety valves and tank components. 

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