Building Your Brew House Requires a Solid Foundation

The expansion of craft brewing over the past decade in North America has been an enjoyable sector for our company to participate in by providing service, supplying components and occasionally visiting a customer’s tap room.

One example of this is a DN150 intermediate flange butterfly valve that we supplied to a craft brewer who is quickly growing their brew house. One may ask, why use an intermediate flange butterfly valve instead of a regular flange butterfly valve? An intermediate flange permits the valve to be welded in place without having to worry about servicing gaskets from ferrules clamped to process piping. However, the inner seal of the butterfly valve still needs to be replaced during regular maintenance. This is done by unbolting the valve body from the outer flanges and simply changing the seal, as seen in the photos below.


Aside from the advantage of eliminating gaskets, which are potential dirt traps, an intermediate flange butterfly valve allows process piping to be left in-line without having to shift or make slight bends to remove butterfly valve seals if they were welded in place with regular butterfly valves. Visions of future expansions call for careful selection of components from the early phases of planning and building a brewery. The complete Kieselmann valve range has been designed for straightforward growth from the manual stages of your operation until the time comes to automate. Building your brew house requires a solid starting foundation!

Rodger Industries is the Canadian distributor for Kieselmann Fluid Process Group. We carry a large inventory of stainless steel fittings, valves, filters, tubing and replacement parts for immediate shipment. Please contact us for hygienic process components for your brewery or upcoming construction projects.












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