Express Overseas Delivery of Custom Instrument Tee

A partner in Scandinavia involved in a bioprocessing skid build encountered a circumstance where a design change needed to be made quickly. Instead of making costly alterations to the skid, they approached us about the possibility of producing an instrumentation tee in a ½ inch x ¾ inch configuration in a SF4 electropolished Ra. ≤15 µ-in (0.375µm) finish. Sizing configurations of this component expand upon DT-4.1.2-10 listed in the BPE-2019 standard.

Our team eagerly accepted the challenge of our customer’s urgent requirements and this example draws attention to the capabilities of our service and custom fabrication departments. Rodger Industries provides standard instrumentation tees, however; custom instrumentation tees are available upon request. Instrumentation tees are produced in accordance with BPE standards and provide complete traceability.

If your team encounters similar issues to this example, such as a space constraint that requires a custom fitting or you simply need a “problem solver” custom component, please reach out to us!

Instrument Tee    Instrumentation Tee    Instrumentation Tee    Instrumentation Tee


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