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What We Do

Rodger Industries Inc. is a premier manufacturer and supplier of sanitary equipment. For over 75 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing outstanding products and service to businesses involved within dairy, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Within our wide product range you will find stainless steel fittings, valves and filters used in sanitary processing, and a wide variety of milking machine components used in progressive dairy farming applications.

Founded by Gordon J. Rodger in 1936, Rodger Industries has progressed into its third generation as a Canadian family owned business committed to producing the highest quality and most diverse range of sanitary processing equipment.



STANDING BEHIND OUR BRAND is of utmost importance to us. We take pride in our product’s quality and that’s why we put our stamp on it. Rodger sanitary fittings indicate heat numbers to offer traceability to the metallurgical origins of the raw components produced by the steel mill.

We recognize the sanitary industry’s increasing shift towards accountability and safety standards. Applicable fittings and valves meet or exceed 3A and EHEDG sanitary standards. 


Our History

IT HAS BEEN some time since Rodger Industries began distributing milking machine components in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Since the 1950’s, we have experienced many changes in both our markets and the way that we do business. These transformations have come as welcome challenges and have allowed our company the opportunity to grow into new areas of manufacturing and product development. Our business model has been maintained simply on the premise of delivering quality products and superior service to valued customers who are recognized as our mutual partners in the marketplace. 

2011 MARKED OUR 75th year in business. Founded by Gordon J. Rodger, Rodger Industries is now in its third generation as a family-run enterprise. Gordon began his entrepreneurial efforts drilling water wells with a salvaged 1911 federal truck and in 1936 shifted his efforts to supplying feeding and milking equipment to local dairy farmers in Southwestern Ontario. In the 1960’s, Gordon’s sons James and David joined the business. James’ mechanical mind along with David’s keen interest in business pushed the company in a new direction once again. In 1962 Rodger Industries began its wholesaling division, and by the late 1970’s the company had obtained the necessary equipment to begin manufacturing stainless steel fittings. 

Today our company continues to make inroads in both our manufacturing and wholesaling sector supplying the dairy, food and beverage industry along with a growing interest in the pharmaceutical industry both domestically and internationally. 

75 years is a long time, but good things come with age. Those years have brought substantial change and growth for Rodger Industries. The years have also given the company one of the finer things that comes with age – proven experience.

A Social Imprint

As part of our commitment to the community in which we live and work, Rodger Industries regularly supports a broad range of community projects through donations and sponsorships. In addition to this, employees of our company are encouraged to volunteer and take an active part in our local community.

We place a priority on supporting requests that positively impact our employees and community members for programs in education, youth, culture, sports and recreation, and the environment.


A Global Imprint

UNDERSTANDING of a global marketplace is essential to the way that we do business while remaining a locally rooted company. Having an open-mind to both international opportunity and the challenges within the sanitary processing industry is fundamental to our continued efforts. Since our humble beginnings we continue to strive to offer superior products and services to the dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries both domestically and internationally.